The law is coming soon to ensure the management of Hajj and Umrah and to protect the interests of Hajj pilgrims. If the Hajj and Umrah agencies commit irregularities, the registration will be canceled and a maximum fine of Tk 5 million will be imposed. The new law will be passed in the next session of the parliament, the Ministry of Religion expects.

On the other hand, it would be unreasonable to impose large fines and bodily harm on the agencies.

There has been no law for Hajj management in the last 50 years. Hajj and Umrah management is going through the policy. Registration, the announcement of Hajj package, agreement, preparation and implementation of the action plan on Hajj are done in the light of this policy.

New policies or notifications are issued every year in light of the changing policies and requirements of the Saudi authorities. But due to the lack of legal framework, the authorities have to face problems in many cases to take action against fraud or irregularities of Hajj agencies.

The law protecting the interests of Hajj pilgrims is coming

In this context, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Religion Abdul Hamid Jamaddar said, the law will be people-friendly. This is being done to bring Hajj management into a system.

The Hajj agencies claim that it is not logical to impose a maximum fine of Tk 5 million and to impose the responsibility of bodily harm on the pilgrims.

Abdus Salam Aref, former vice-president of Hub, said a license costs Tk 2 million. And you are punishing 5 million Tk. So how do I pay the rest? We have to look after the interests of everyone.

But the religion ministry says the law is for everyone, not just private agencies.

The proposed law provides for confiscation of bail as well as seizure of property if necessary, in case of allegations of irregularities and corruption against an agency.