The pressure is mounting towards the 6 clubs registered in the European Super League. Supporters are putting pressure, ordinary football fans are putting pressure. Pressure is starting from former England footballers to football experts. The pressure is mounting from the government side as well. Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham, Manchester United and Arsenal — these six teams have signed up for the European Super League from England.

Former Manchester United star Gary Neville thinks Chelsea and Manchester City will collapse under pressure like a mountain between the six teams. The former England defender also explained why and how these two teams could come out of the European Super League after losing to pressure. Neville said even the Liverpool coach, along with the team’s senior players, could put pressure on the owners to exit the European Super League.

Chelsea, Man City or Liverpool — once a club exits the ESL, Neville thinks everything will be fine again. The former England right-back explained why he doesn’t think his former team Man United will break up under pressure, and why he doesn’t think Man City will eventually join the Rebels League.

According to Neville, ‘Manchester United owner Joel Glazer will not return so easily. Jürgen Klopp and his senior players could turn up from the FSG. Man City looks set to collapse under pressure. The other three teams will follow the others.

The owner of Man City is Sheikh Mansoor bin Jabed Al Nahyan, a prominent Abu Dhabi millionaire. Neville said he did not want to ruin the reputation he had gained after buying the Premier League club by joining the rebel league. “Why would the people of Abu Dhabi build a football network?” What they have done in West Manchester is incredible. They have created a legacy here. Especially for commercial reasons. Why would they join the rebel league? They don’t need money. They have a great coach like Pep Guardiola. It should be rolled out from the other side of the city. ‘

Chelsea-Man City could be out of the Super League

Former Liverpool and England defender Jamie Karaghar believes the rebels will break up if they somehow withdraw from a Premier League six-team Super League. Meanwhile, Liverpool coach Klopp and midfielder James Milner have spoken to the prison. After talking to them, he is pretty sure that someone will stand up against the Super League in one way or another, “Everyone (like Klopp and Milner) needs the same reaction.”

Man City coach Guardiola is not able to compete in the Super League like the club. Looking at the format of the Super League, he felt that these ‘do not fall into the game of football.’ Football fans in England have been protesting against this issue since yesterday. Chelsea’s supporters can’t accept their team joining the rebel league in such a way. Supporters of Man City, Man United, Tottenham and Arsenal have also protested.

The players have declared their solidarity with the football fans and the supporters of the teams. Many, including Manchester United’s Portuguese star Bruno Fernandez and former Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil, say they value the Champions League more than the Super League. Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has called a special meeting tonight with the captains and players of various Premier League teams.

Let’s see, the rebel football league may have stood still despite so many protests, or it may have been swept away by the current of protests!