Foreigners in trouble with returning to the country from the IPL

The BCCI cannot avoid liability by postponing the IPL. This time the Ganguly-Bridges administration is facing the challenge of sending foreign cricketers back to the country in good health. But with India’s airspace closed to various countries, there has also been uncertainty. In this situation, the cricketers are making arrangements to return to the country using different methods.

‘Even if it ends, it doesn’t end’ – this statement of Rabindranath is being felt by the Indians. Chennai Super Kings batting coach Mike Hussey was also positive yesterday after the IPL was postponed. Earlier, the deadly virus was found in the body of bowling coach Laxmipati Balaji.

However, those who are healthy now want to return to their respective lands. Now India is in trouble with that. The reason is that their communication with different countries has been shut down due to the outbreak of Covid. Australia has banned all flights from India till May 15.

British citizens will be able to return to England after being negative twice. But there they have to do 10 days of institutional quarantine. And in the country where most of these flights will transit, the UAE government has banned India.

No one is as bad as the Australians. Scott Morrison’s administration will not allow anyone who was in India 14 days ago to enter Australia for the time being. Failure to comply will result in a 8,000 fine or 5 years in prison. In this situation, they have chosen a different way to return to the country.

Forty Australian cricketers, commentators and coaching staff are leaving India for the Maldives. They will quarantine there. Later, when the ban is lifted, he will return to his home country. However, Daniel Christian will not go with them. He will be in Dubai for now. From there he will go to England to play county.

The English are not in the same situation as the Australians. The British government is giving its citizens the opportunity to return to the country. Joss Butler, Johnny Bairstow and Sam Billings, who are based in Delhi, left India on Tuesday night (May 4).

Ahmedabad-based cricketers like Tom Karan, Sam Karan, Jason Roy and Morgan are also expected to join them soon. But as there is no direct flight from there, the IPL committee has not been able to take any final action for them yet.

Meanwhile, Shakib-Mostafiz is scheduled to return to Bangladesh under special arrangements this week after the two-phase corona was negative even though the border was closed.


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