India does not have qualified pace bowling all-rounders. Irfan Pathan claimed that there is no pace bowling all-rounder after losing the title to New Zealand.

India does not have a standard pace-bowling all-rounder. Former New Zealand cricketer Irfan Pathan has made such a claim after losing the title to New Zealand recently. After losing by 8 wickets against New Zealand, Irfan Pathan has claimed that it is difficult to find a pace-bowling all-rounder in the Indian team.

One of the members of the team, Hardik Pandya, was not available due to injury and an attempt was made with Shardul Tagore. But he could not fill the gap of Hardik. Hardik did not get a place in the team in the final of the Test Championship. As a result, India has suffered from the lack of a pace-bowling all-rounder.

In this context, Irfan Pathan said, ‘I think India have played with fewer batsmen. Which I highlighted before the final. I think the team needs one more batsman. We don’t have quality pace, bowling all-rounders. ‘

Meanwhile, Irfan also blamed poor batting for not being able to play a warm-up match against New Zealand in the final.


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