Italy is floating in the wave of winning the Euro. Blues like the infinite sky seem to be untied today. Because their 53-year wait is over. At the Wembley ground, the Azjujis have plunged England into a sea of ​​sorrow. England took home the title from their home ground in Rome.

After such a victory, the celebration should be uninterrupted. That is normal. The whole country, football fans are floating in that joy. But in the meanwhile, an unexpected event happened. One person died while celebrating the title. He died in a car crash in Caltagirone, local police said. The deceased was identified as a 22-year-old man.

Besides, 15 more people were injured at the party after Italy became the champion. The condition of three of them is said to be critical. One of them lost three fingers in the fire, according to Reuters.

Italy became the Euro champions on Sunday night (July 11). They lost to England in a tiebreaker in the final. The game was tied 1-1 at the scheduled time. Later, there was no goal in extra time and there was a tiebreaker. The Azjuris won 3-2 there.


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