What Happened when Pele wants to hug Ronaldo!

Pele wants to hug Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo is an unwritten king of the football world. Breaking records is a daily habit. CR7 was a record incomplete in the crowd of many records.

Pele wants to hug Ronaldo

Breaking the record of the highest goal scorer of Pele all-time set a new record. Pele, the legendary Brazilian footballer, topped FIFA with 767 goals, according to books and statistics. The supporters were forbidden to sleep at night. Finally, that time has come.

Before entering the field in Syria, Ronaldo had 767 goals. CR7 surpassed Pele by scoring 770 goals with a hat trick in the match. Ronaldo has scored 668 goals for the club and 102 for Portugal. Did not respond to criticism, was completely silent. This time Ronaldo opened his mind on Instagram and wrote the reason for his silence. Legend Pelকে soaked in respect and love.

Ronaldo wrote in his post, “My respect for Pele is everlasting and unconditional.

He scored nine goals and one goal for the Brazilian army. Football and the whole world have changed a lot. This does not mean that we will change history. My first tribute to Pele after I scored 770 goals. I grew up watching him play. I am proud to have broken his record. An ordinary child growing up in Madeira never thought of that. “

Ronaldo expressed his gratitude to his family and children on this trip.

After this unique achievement, Ronaldo gave an emotional post on Pele and Instagram in response to the letter. There, the Portuguese prince wrote, “The struggle of life is for everyone. You have succeeded in going through many ups and downs. Personally, I like your game very much. Best wishes for breaking my record. I can’t go and hug you, so I’m sorry.”