Ronaldo is returning to Real Madrid, Messi in PSG

Cristiano Ronaldo made a difficult decision to leave Real Madrid because of the fragility. He did not miss the opportunity to bring back one of the best footballers of the time. But the purpose for which he was brought did not succeed in three seasons.

So again the exclusion of CR Seven’s Uterine. In Syria, the treaty is monopolized, but on the stage of the best in Europe, they have been colorless for several years. The management thought that if they moved to Ronaldo, the wait would end. Theirs, however, is a more disappointing performance from the Champions after a tent in Italy. The realization that the decision has been made by the defense is now of the profit chief.

Although he has not been in the Italian Champions League at all. He has won the league title as well as an equal number of Super Cups. The forward, who scored 92 in 121 matches, was called a goal machine. But one Champions League is the end of failure. Evergreen forward is just gone. Spain is waiting for spring again when there is such discomfort in Italy after one match.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo is expecting to enjoy his duality with Messi when he returns to Spain. Grateful for Barcelona, ​​Messi’s relationship did not escalate the bitterness without going to court. But at the end of this season, no one will be able to keep La Liga against his will. And PSG is giving that opportunity. Leo made every effort to bring his friend Neymar back to Bara.

After failing there, he is going to his club by himself. Medicines have made all the arrangements to get the best team in the world with the facility of a free transfer. The footballers of the team are also giving accommodation. They are now waiting to welcome Messi. And fans of the new chapter.