Fasting for professional footballers is still a surprise in Europe. Before the Champions League final in 2018, the issue of fasting of footballers suddenly came up for discussion. Liverpool faced in the final of the service against Real Madrid. Mohammad Salah and Sadio, two of Liverpool’s attacking triplets in great form, are also followers of Islam. The Champions League final started shortly before Iftar. So this discussion caused quite a stir.

Footballers have to play in the month of Ramadan every year. Many Muslim footballers fast in different leagues in Europe. Mesut Ozil, Karim Benzema, Salah-Mane’s religion is not discussed much now. However, today his coach has brought a new footballer to light. Leicester City coach Brendon Rogers is fascinated by how Wesley Fofana is playing so well despite Rosa.

Wesley Fofana is one of the best additions to the English Premier League this season. Lester brought him from St. Etienne 20 years ago. A club like Leicester did not mind spending four million euros on a young defender. Fofana shows well why there was no objection. Playing great throughout the season. In the meantime, the superpowers of the Premier League have caught the eye.

Leicester had a match against West Brom yesterday. Coach Rogers surprised everyone in that match. The former Liverpool coach picked up Fofana in the 60th minute of the match. In the 3-0 lead in the match, a defender was picked up and questions arose in everyone’s mind. At the post-match press conference, Rogers was asked if Fofana was injured.

The Muslim footballer is surprising the coach by keeping the fast

Rogers then gave the shocking news about Fofana, ‘He’s all right. He is a young player. The month of Ramadan is going on, not eating anything during the day normally. It’s a startling thing. Think of his performance in the FA Cup semifinals over the weekend, he didn’t eat anything all day and only ate 15 minutes before the start of the match. The same thing happens today. The match started at 8 pm and he did not get a chance to eat or drink anything. He played so well, though. ‘

Although fascinated by Fofana’s performance, Rogers has been cautious about the future. Because, if a player who is fasting regularly, playing to the best of his ability can cause problems later. Even if you break the fast at the break of the match, you will have to play the rest of the match, then surely Fofana will not eat too much.

“I just thought I could pick him up at this point,” Rogers explained. He will be able to eat something while sitting on the bench. I wanted to make sure he was well. I have worked with many players who have a deep faith in their religion and this belief gives many people extra strength. This Ramadan is also getting the strength to play and practice. He is a special talent and a very important player for us.’

Rogers’ decision later proved correct. Lester did not concede a goal after lifting Fofana. Leicester consolidated their position at No. 3 in the league with a 3-0 win. From the top four, Fofana’s dream of playing in the Champions League next season is even brighter.

Source: Reuters