World record at the age of 12. He is only 12 years old. And a record so big at this age! Abhimanyu Mishra set a world record in a difficult world like chess!

Abhimanyu, a resident of New Jersey in the United States, achieved this feat in Budapest, Hungary on Wednesday (June 30). The world’s youngest grandmaster is now a 12-year-old chess player of Indian descent.

Abhimanyu has been consistently performing well for the last few years. He had already passed the rating of two and a half thousand. On that day, 15-year-old Indian Grandmaster Leo Luke Mendonca lost with a black ball.

This honor has long belonged to Sergei Karzakin of Russia. In 2002, Karzakin became the Grandmaster for 12 years and 6 months. Abhimanyu Grand Master is 12 years 4 months 25 days old.

The chess company’s website reads, ‘Abhimanyu got the important win of his short career. He lost to 15-year-old Indian Grandmaster Leo Luke Mendonca with a black ball and topped the 2,600 Elo rating.