200 US companies hit by cyber-attacks. The BBC reports that 200 businesses in the United States have been cyber-attacked. They said this in a report on Saturday (July 3).

According to the BBC, the attack on the websites of US businesses began on Friday (July 2) afternoon, local time in the United States. Meanwhile, Florida IT company Kaseya, which was damaged in the cyberattack, said that their corporate servers, desktop computers, and network devices were damaged due to the attack.

The cybersecurity agency Huntress Labs told the BBC the attack targeted Florida-based IT company Kaseya. The IT company Kaseya said in a post on the website that those involved in the cyberattack would be investigated.

Huntress Labs, meanwhile, told the BBC they thought a Russian company called Revel was involved in the attack. The US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Agency said in a statement that it would take “severe action” against the hackers.

Earlier, at a conference in Geneva last month, US President Joe Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he would not hack the websites of 16 companies. Biden said at the time that Russia could not avoid responsibility for its continued cyberattacks on US institutions.


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