Astronauts walk on the Chinese space station. Astronauts walk on the new Chinese-built space station. Chinese state media reported this information. This is the second time that Chinese astronauts have come out of their spacecraft while in space.

The Shenzhou-12 spacecraft was launched on June 17 from a launch site in the Gobi Desert in China’s Gansu Province. It had three astronauts. They will stay at the space station for three months. They are Ni Haifeng, Lei Booming, and Tang Hongbo.

Inside the station, they will conduct research from a 16-meter-long and four-meter-wide cylinder-shaped room called Tian. In addition, the main task of Mission Commander Ni Haifeng and his two associates was to activate the module, which weighs 22.5 tons and was built at the space center. It was sent to the space center last April.

On Sunday (July 4) morning, the two of them left the main cabin. It has been shown in state television CCTV footage.
It has been seen that the astronauts are getting health check-ups while exercising in the cabin.

They were then seen opening the cabin door and exiting the module. They are expected to walk six to seven hours. They plan to walk twice in space during the mission. This is their first walk.

Building a new station and sending astronauts there for a long time is another sign of China’s growing capabilities in space. In the context of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party, China’s successful manned space missions over the past five years have multiplied its prestige.

The astronauts received more than 6,000 hours of training before taking part in the mission. The Chinese space agency plans to launch a total of 11 missions by the end of next year.


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