Facebook gave good news for gamers. Facebook is the largest communication medium in the world. The most talked about and used social media in the world is constantly coming up with new features for its users.


This time on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced a new plan for content creators. He said in the Facebook status, Facebook is adding new benefits for video streamers who share live videos on various topics. He also mentioned the option called ‘Live Break’ on the Facebook status on Wednesday (May 26) night.

Facebook Gave Good News For Gamers

“We want to create the best platform for millions of creative people to make a living,” Zuckerberg said in a post on Verified ID. We are bringing some new technologies (tools) for the inventors and streamers involved in gaming which will also play a role in their livelihood.


While watching the video, fans can stay with their favorite streamers with the star in the gaming video. This time Facebook is making arrangements so that the fans can help the gamers while watching the gaming videos. Content creators will also be able to take a break from live via ‘Live Break’. Hopefully, these new facilities will help people to be creative.


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