Google Meet can no longer be used for free!. Zoom and Google Meet are becoming quite popular on virtual platforms since the lockdown last year. If more than two people are connected to the zoom app, a specific time is given. Google Mate did not have to face this problem. But this time Google Meet is taking advantage of this. From now on, you can enjoy the benefits of Google Meet for free only for a certain period of time.

From now on, you can get free video calls up to 60 minutes or up to an hour on Google Meet. If the number of video call participants is three or more, video conferencing cannot be longer than 60 minutes.

Google says that after 55 minutes of the video call, participants will receive a notification stating that the video call is about to end. To extend the duration of a video call, the host of the video call needs to update the Gmail account to the latest version. This means that if there are three or more participants in the video call, the video conference can be continued for free up to 60 minutes. However, like Zoom, there will be no time limit for one-on-one calls. Any free and paid Gmail user will get the benefit of one-on-one video calls with Google Meet for up to 24 hours.

However, the new rules of Google Meet have not been introduced in Bangladesh yet. However, the rules have been introduced in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico. In these five countries, users will have to pay around ৮ 6 per month to have more than 60 minutes of Google Meetings. Meetings can be held through Google Meet for up to 24 hours after the upgrade.


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