Facebook is currently the most popular social media in the world. Facebook has a lot of personal information, starting from simple conversations and gossip. However, hackers are obstructing here too. The violence of hackers on Facebook is increasing day by day. All personal information and pictures can fall into the hands of hackers if you are a little unaware. Learn how to keep your Facebook ID safe from hackers.

To avoid hackers, you need to know if your Facebook account is being used by anyone other than you. Many people think that it is difficult to identify a hacker. But experts have suggested some simple tricks to identify hackers.

1. Open Facebook.
2. Now go to the three-line menu.
3. Then click on the ‘Settings and Privacy’ option.
4. Select the ‘Settings’ option.
5. Scroll down and select the ‘Security and Log-in’ option.

Now you will see the text ‘Where are you logged in. Click on the ‘C-All’ menu on the right to see your account usage history. This means that the devices that you have logged into Facebook using can be seen.

If you see an unknown device while viewing login history, assume your account has already been hacked. This means that your Facebook account is under someone’s control.

Experts point out that there are two reasons for this. The first is that you may have logged into Facebook on a familiar person or friend’s device, but later forgot to log out. Now he is probably taking advantage of it. And the second is that an unknown hacker has hacked your Facebook for dishonest purposes or out of revenge. What to do if this happens to your account?

If your Facebook account is hacked, log out of the device that seems unfamiliar in the login history. How?
Click on the three-dot menu on the right side of the device. Now two options will come at the bottom. One is secure login, the other is a logout. You will select the ‘Log-out’ option. As a result, you will be logged out of the device on which your account is logged in.

Now you will see the ‘Log-out of All Sessions’ option at the very bottom. Clicking on it will log out all the places where your account is logged in. Then you need to log in to different devices as required.
But prevention is better than cure. In that case, secure your Facebook account before it is hacked. But think about how to secure your account?

Click on the three-line menu. Now scroll down and click on ‘Settings and Privacy and select the ‘Settings’ option. Go to the ‘Security and Login’ option. Then scroll down to see the ‘Get Alerts About Unregistered Log-In’ option. Click here. Now you will get three options – notifications, messages, and e-mail addresses. You have to choose anyone. However, experts suggest, it is better to keep these 3 options on. This will notify you when someone tries to hack your account. If you have not added your e-mail address on Facebook, click ‘Add E-mail Address’ at the top.

‘Two-factor authentication is the most effective setting for protection against hacking. Go to the ‘Security and Log-in’ option and you will see the authentication app, text message (SMS), and security key – three settings. The easiest and most effective option is a text message (SMS). So you have to select the ‘Text Message (SMS)’ option and click on the ‘Continue’ button below. Now you have to give me a phone number. Which you are using now. Facebook will send you the verification code to this number.

If you do not have a phone number on Facebook, add it by clicking on the ‘Add Phone Number’ option below. Now click on the ‘Continue’ button. Now a code will be sent to your number from Facebook. Enable it with the ‘Two-Factor Authentication of your account. With ‘two-factor authentication’, hackers will not be able to log in even if they know your password. Facebook will let you know by sending a code that someone has tried to hack your account.


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