Iran has shown great success in supercomputers. Iran has openings own semi-teraflop supercomputer, the Simorgh. The supercomputer was opening the country’s famous Amir Kabir University on Sunday (May 18th).

With this, Iran became one of the world’s supercomputer countries.

The Simorgh supercomputer was jointly developed by the Research Center of the Iranian Ministry of Technology and Amir Kabir University.

Iran’s Minister of Communications and Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Zahromi said the supercomputer was built to ensure artificial intelligence infrastructure.

He says that in the future, artificial intelligence will become a major driving force in world trade, including Iran.

The speed of Iran’s supercomputer is half a teraflop. In the next one month, its speed will increase to one teraflop.

It is capable of playing an important role in artificial intelligence, mega data analysis, weather forecasting, project implementation of early warning about earthquakes, and processing of genetic data.


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