The dream is coming true the Internet from space! Elon Musk is changing the concept of the Internet. This time his company ‘SpaceX’ is going to provide internet service directly from satellite. The name of this service is ‘Starlink’. The people concerned are thinking that if this service is started, the world of internet usage will change radically.

There is already a flurry of pre-orders to get this service from SpaceX. With about 5 lakh pre-orders, Elon Musk said there should be no problem in delivering such services. However, if the concentration of users in the same place is high, it can cause some problems.

99$ is charged from each customer for pre-order. If you are unable to provide the service, SpaceX will refund this money. However, SpaceX has not yet started this service on the Internet. They said they would be able to offer the service in the United States from August this year. SpaceX wants to send 12,000 satellites at a cost of about 10 billion dollar.

The company launched 60 Starlink satellites into orbit on Sunday (May 9th). This was the tenth flight of the Starlink satellites. It was sent by a Falcon 9 rocket. This is the 14th launch of SpaceX this year. ‘Falcon 9’ completed its first flight in 2019. It started its journey from the Cap Canaveral Space Force Station, breaking all the silence of the night and creating a metallic sound and lots of smoke.

So far, SpaceX has sent 1,625 Starlink satellites. Now they are building an uninterrupted high-speed broadband station worldwide. Elon Musk said customers in areas of the United States where the Internet system is scarce and weak will be able to use it first.

Note that another top rich man has poured money into this capital-centric internet business. He is Jeff Bezos. He has spoken about the competition in public.

Elon Musk is one of them. This tycoon, who is one of the best entrepreneurs in the world, seems to be leaving the world without bringing a new day. Elon is also a different character in his personal life. He has been controversial by all the weird tweets. Some of Elon Musk’s recent tweets have sparked controversy. A few weeks ago, he tweeted that a dog was calling to the moon.

The founder of SpaceX said, ‘I want to tell those who have been hurt by my tweets, I have redesigned electric cars, I am sending people to Mars by spaceship. Do you think that I am a happy and ordinary person? ‘


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