The woman that is going into space with the Bezos. He has trained as an astronaut 70 years ago. In 2021, at the age of 82, he is going into space with Jeff Bezos. He’s Wally Funk.

He was trained for NASA’s Mercury program. But in the end, it was not possible to conduct space missions. Now it’s time to get lost in the stars.

The world’s richest man Jeff Bases will take Wali Funk to space. Her brother, Mark Bezos, is also accompanying Bezos on a sub-orbital trip on July 20.

Another lucky winner of the 26 million auctions, whose name has not yet been released, is set to embark on a space mission aboard the New Shepherd sub-orbital spacecraft, according to an announcement from space research firm Blue Origin on Thursday.

Bases made a post on Instagram about this. Where he says, 72-year-old Funk is going to space as their honored guest. Funk has volunteered for the Mercury Thirteen program.
In 1971, he was trained by NASA to take him into space. 13 women and 6 men were trained. Of these, Funk was the youngest.

Funk said he received more praise than anyone else on the team. He was in a sensory depreciation tank for 10 hours and 35 minutes during the Mercury Thirteen Test.

In a statement, he said he wanted to be an astronaut. But could not. Little did he know that after so many years he would have the opportunity to go into space. Everyone is saying, you’re a girl, you can’t. “It doesn’t matter who you are,” said Wali Funk. Your will is important. Wally loved to do things that no one had ever done before.

Funk also has a lot of flying experience. He flew in the sky for 19,800 hours. Taught 3,000 people how to operate private and commercial flights.

But he doesn’t need any experience to travel to space on the Blue Origin’s New Shepherd rocket. Automatic spacecraft and rocket systems are built in such a way that anyone can become an astronaut for a few hours.


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