In this age of information technology, life has become technological. As the use of technology has made life easier on the one hand, on the other hand, it has become complicated and insecure for various reasons. Many people use smartphones to keep pace with the times.

Using a smartphone makes it easier to tap people! Because you don’t need to hack your mobile phone network for this. Hackers can simply flip your phone right into a ‘tapping machine’ simply by discovering out the vulnerabilities of your phone. But how do you know if someone is tapping on your phone?

Experts say that these strategies are very effective in finding out who is watching the smartphone in the absence of the user. Let’s learn the strategies-
Download the Third Eye app: Go to the Google Play Store and download the Third Eye app to find out who is secretly viewing your smartphone’s personal information. Its size is 6 MB. So it can be downloaded quickly.

Once the download is complete, open the app. You will then see an interface. Now click on an ‘arrow sign’ at the bottom right. This time you will be asked for two permissions. Allow them.

Then click the ‘arrow sign’ and ‘tick mark’ at the bottom right again. Now you will see a dialog box with some information about the app. Click on the ‘OK button.

Since the app will tell you who tried to open the lock screen, you will now need to give another permission. Click on the ‘Activate this device admin app’ option. Then a ‘Danger Warning’ will appear in the interface. Experts say there is nothing to fear. Select the text ‘I’m Aware of the Possible Risks, and Assumed All Possible Consequences Voluntarily’ below and click on the ‘OK button.

After clicking on the ‘OK’ button, another permission will be sought under the heading ‘Allow Display Over Other Apps’. Turn on the ‘on/off option on the right here.
Then open the app again. Now you will see the new interface. There are four options – ‘Intruder Detection’, ‘Number of Unlocked Attempts’, ‘Last Unlock Time’, and ‘Unlock Log’. Select the ‘Number of Unlock Attempts’ option. Then select the ‘One-Attempt’ option.

Suppose you leave your smartphone and go somewhere. Someone is trying to unlock your phone right now. Since his purpose is to get to know your personal information, he is trying to open it with some pins in reverse. But as the phone was not unlocked, he left it as it was. Now how do you know if someone tried to unlock the phone?

You need to open the Third Eye app to see if anyone has tried to unlock your smartphone. Now click on the ‘Photo Log’ option in the top right to find out who tried to unlock your phone. This means that if you try to unlock your phone, the picture will go up through the front camera.
To find out when you tried to unlock your phone, go to the ‘General’ option again. Then notice the ‘Last Unlock Time’ option.

If you want to uninstall the app, click on the three-dot menu at the top right. Click on the ‘Uninstall’ option at the very bottom of it.

In addition, if you see that your phone is restarting for no reason or the phone is suddenly flashing, then you must understand that your phone must have some remote access or someone from outside is controlling your phone! However, these telephones may be on account of software program issues.


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