China’s economy has grown faster than expected. China’s economy, which has lost momentum to coronavirus violence, has been recovering since last year. In that continuity, the import and export of this country, the second stop of the world economy, has also increased rapidly. However, the coronavirus epidemic that has spread from China is still the cause of an uncertain future in many countries of the world.

Last June, China’s exports of goods and services exceeded expectations, according to the country’s customs department.

A Reuters report on Tuesday (July 13th) quoted China’s customs department as saying that the reason for this was the intensification of vaccination programs in control of the corona and its effect in easing severe lockdowns in various countries around the world and overcoming port-centric slowdowns. However, no statistics were specifically mentioned in the report.

The country’s customs department fears that China’s trade growth could slow in the second half of this year. The reason given is that the Delta variant of the currently transformed Corona has caused serious uncertainty in many countries.

Overall, the country’s imports also increased last June. Although decreased compared to the month of May. Because at this time the prices of different types of raw materials have increased in the world market.

It is said that due to Beijing’s prudent decisions and tactics, China has been able to accelerate and sustain its economic activities since the first few months of 2020. But even then, customs spokesman Lee Kuan Yew expects China to end this year with relatively good growth.


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