Falling prices in the rice market, traders’ business In Bangladesh

Falling prices in the rice market. Marginal farmers bring the paddy to the market in the morning for sale. The supply of Ataap paddy has increased in Naogaon Saraswatipur. Although the buyers are happy with the increase in supply, the farmers are disappointed with the reduction of Tk 150 per quintal.

Even though the price of rice has not come down, the farmers think that the fall in the price of paddy is a ploy of the traders. The list of price reductions includes sugar Atap and golden Atap varieties. The farmers are not able to reconcile the fact that the prices have been reduced in stages due to low production in the last season. During the last season, paddy was planted in 190,000 hectares of land in the district where fragrant paddy was 34,000 hectares and yielded 2.5 lakh metric tonnes.