I think in the future we will be in a better position in the garment sector because if we hold it immediately now, you will see that Vietnam or Myanmar are not really a place for us to compete in that way. Because the same number of factories in Vietnam will not happen overnight.

At the same time, you all know the political instability in Myanmar and Ethiopia. Cambodia just went GSP. So we don’t see any possibility of losing the market in that way but the market will grow.

But for whatever reason, he said, our other industries also have to come forward. We need to diversify our industry. You have to do two things at the same time.

If we can do product driver certification within our industry, it is very necessary as well as there are many industries associated with our industry. For example, basically, we import a lot of light engineering from outside. One and a half-billion dollars a year. There is no harm if our entrepreneurs go from that place.

Need to work closely with small and medium entrepreneurs | Rubana Huq

Need to work closely with small and medium entrepreneurs

Also keep in mind one thing that everyone needs to know, in our country but many small-medium entrepreneurs remain in other sectors. If they can be bridged with us, if we can take their express and if we can meet with them and bring export, then there is a lot of profit.

Not only the garment industry but also many other industries have to come forward because the sector in which we have this over-dependence will actually hurt our economy. We need to move from five products to all other products. It all has to go on together or we will be doing ourselves a disservice.

If they will stand against their own economy. If we just say we have a garment industry, we will work against the economy, and if we want to be associated with the vision of 2041, but we all have to think about it and as a trader, our responsibility is to responsibly lead not only the garment industry but many industries as well. And a combined roadshow so that footwear can be had. We need to work from this place.

D. Rubana Huq
President, BGMEA


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