Everyone has a hobby of traveling from country to country. Sometimes our travel-hungry minds want to see and know the outside world beyond the borders of the country. But here, except for the passport visa rules and regulations, and you can not cross the border of a country if you want a thousand fences. Passport approved visa is also required.

However, today we will know that a Bangladeshi to travel to any of the five countries, that is, you do not need a visa, there is no legal complex. Here is a detailed discussion of how you can travel to the country of your choice at a low cost without a visa. Let’s get started!

5 countries you can travel to without a visa

5 countries you can travel to without a visa


However, Maldives is the first for Bengalis in the list of countries that can go without a visa. There is no alternative to Maldives for honeymoon distribution. This country is the lowest country in the world. A large part of the income of this SAARC country comes from the tourism industry. Many tourists from Europe and America visit there every year. There is no visa requirement for Bangladeshis to go there.


Many tourists from Europe and Australia visit the island nation of Indonesia. This time the government has made it easier for Bangladeshis to go there. Since April 2016, Bangladeshis do not need a visa to go there. So you can go to Indonesia with the necessary documents and a passport. You will get a 30-day visa as soon as you land at the airport. You would be surprised to know that about 13% of the world’s Muslim population lives in this country. Indonesia, the world’s second-largest biodiversity hotspot, continues to attract tourists throughout the year, and tourism plays a huge role in the country’s total income.


About 1.5 thousand kilometers east of East Africa is a country of 115 islands. It is said that there is no one who has not fallen in love with Seychelles. Holders of Bangladeshi passports will be able to take the visa of that country on arrival. Bangladeshis living in the UAE can take this opportunity. But let me say here that the cost of pleasure travel is as beautiful as Seychelles but the skyrocketing.


5 countries you can travel to without a visa

Grenada is a country famous for its hospitality. The cricket team of this country gets the opportunity to play in the West Indies cricket team. Bangladeshis can fly to this country directly from New York. There are on-arrival visa arrangements for them at a low cost. This country of aesthetic beauty will amaze any man.


How happy I feel when I hear the name of the country of happy people. And I think let’s go now. Bhutan is a land of mountains, a clean environment, clean, pollution-free air, and easy-going people. You can easily visit such a beautiful country in a few day’s vacations with your loved ones or family members. Surrounded by mountains, this SAARC country has become a new attraction for Bangladeshi tourists. It is now easy to go there directly from Dhaka. If you want you can go directly to the bus. The tourism industry is Bhutan’s second source of revenue.

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